Product description:
SUV tires for all road conditions
Technical characteristics:

Adopting large pattern design

The overall tread adopts a large pattern design, which increases the contact area between the tread and the road surface, greatly improving the handling and braking performance of the tire on unpaved and paved roads, with obvious characteristics in all road conditions.

The tread pattern adopts a "eagle claw" biomimetic design

The local tread pattern adopts a "eagle claw" biomimetic design, which is sharp, rough, wild, full of power and charm.

Open shoulder design

The open shoulder design enhances the heat dissipation performance of the shoulder and the lateral drainage performance of the wetland, making the tire's overall road performance more perfect.

Stronger off-road performance

The deeper pattern depth and special tread wear-resistant formula enhance the durability of the tire. The thickened and inwardly retracted shoulder design provides stronger support and effectively removes scratches on uneven road surfaces, enhancing the off-road performance of the tire.